New Practice phone number from 24th July 2024

Dear Patients,

Due to the imposition of 'Cloud Based Telephony' by NHS England on General Practice, our Practice telephone number has to be changed. This is not something the Practice asked for, or wanted, but is an unfortunate by-product of the imposition of digital telephone systems on General Practice throughout England to remove the 8am rush. You will have seen/read about this in the media. Please be aware, we don't have any additional staff to answer the telephones.

Our telephone number will change on 24th July 2024. There will be a call divert on our current (old) number for several months advising of the new telephone number and then automatically transferring your call.  After this there will be a voice message advising the number has been changed, and advising you to redial. 

We apologise for the short notice in letting you know about this important change in how you contact us, we were only provided with our new numbers on 1st July which we needed to query with our supplier before we could inform you.
Whilst we should all have received training by 24th July, we hope you can appreciate that moving from a simple, workable system to something quite complex can be challenging. Our team will do their very best to ensure a seamless implementation of the new telephone system but we ask that you be patient.

Please make a note of our new contact telephone number, which is live from Wednesday 24th July:

01253 204690

I ask that you please bear with our Team, and specifically our Reception team, on Wednesday 24th July and the first few weeks that follow. 

Thank you,

Marie Chambers
Practice Manager