Everybody hurts

Sooner or later, we all go through tough times. We might seem to be OK, but inside we can be feeling worried or low, or struggling to cope with life events such as bereavement, relationship problems or debt.  
The pain of mental health problems affects not only us, but the people around us too.

People need mental health support in every walk of life. And if it’s your job to commission that support, we can help. We can provide the right services for the communities you take care of.

Who we are

We’re Big White Wall, the leading digital mental health service, providing a full range of online support.

Big White Wall is the only service of its kind registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Big White Wall | Togetherall

Organisations choose us because we offer:

  • Clinical rigour. We’re CQC-registered, and we’re the only online mental health service with 24/7 clinical moderation
  • Support at scale. No matter how big your community, we can support everyone
  • A complete range of services. We’re the only digital provider offering full support, from peer support and self-guided exploration to 1-to-1 online therapy
  • Ease of access. No matter where people live, our members can log in at anytime and choose the support that works for them
  • Round-the-clock help. We’re a 24-hour service
  • Member anonymity. We make it easier for people to talk about their problems by offering complete anonymity
  • Timely support. Our members can sign up and get help in less than five minutes
  • Proven effectiveness. Research has shown that online therapy can be as effective as face-to-face support
  • Cost-efficiency. We make scalable support affordable for your community