Nursing Staff

Diabetic Specialist Nurses

Sandra Crossley and Karen Livesey are our Specialist Diabetic Nurse. They manages all aspects of Diabetes care, including insulin management,  for our patients, with assistance from our Health Care Assistants who carry out the physical aspects of the Diabetic check up.


Our Well trained and highly experienced Registered Nurses can help you with all aspects of Health Promotion, Management of Chronic Conditions such as Asthma, Diabetes and Heart disease etc. Travel Vaccinations and health advice for travel, Blood Pressure Checks, Ear Syringing, Blood Tests. They also carry out Cervical Smear Tests, HRT checks and family planning checks and injections.

Our very experienced Health Care Assistants work under supervision of our Registered nurses and carry out health checks, health promotion, blood tests and blood pressure checks along with a range of other  nursing tasks including flu, pneumonia and shingles  vaccinations and vitamin B12 injections.

Rachael Low 
Rachael is our Nursing Team Manager, she specialises in all Respiratory conditions Appointments available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
Samantha Grimshaw 
Appointments available Monday to Friday Samantha specialises in Cancer care and women’s health
Arlene Cabalo 
Arlene specialises in all Respiratory conditions. Appointments available Monday to Friday

Healthcare Assistants

Julie Pennington 
Appointments available on Monday, Thursday and Friday
Claire Millar
Appointments available on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday