About Us


It is our intention to provide a high standard of medical care based on the most up to date guidelines available to all our patients without prejudice. We are committed to informing our patients in a sensitive and personal manner about the advantages of a healthy lifestyle and to promote the prevention of ill health


The Practice is open Monday 8.00am to 6:30pm and Monday  to Friday Whitegate Health Centre is readily accessible  by public transport or private car . Although on the first floor of the building, there is a gentle incline from street level to our floor. If you use the car parking facilities or enter on the ground floor, you can use the stairs or one of two large lifts accessing all floors of Whitegate Health Centre.


We undertake training of  2nd, 3rd  and 4th year medical students. These are students early in their medical training who are learning skills of history taking and examination. If you are offered an appointment where medical students are present, you will be advised. These appointments will be with one of our GP Trainers, but the medical students are encouraged to interact with patients for example they may take a history or perform a medical examination.

We host FY2 doctors at the practice.

FY2 Doctors are placed with a Practice for 4 months and will have their own surgery when they see patients. They have completed medical school training and a further 12-18 months of postgraduate training while in hospitals. Their time with us is the first introduction to working in general practice.  They are supervised by one of our GP Trainers during their experience of working in general practice.  

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