We undertake training of 2nd, 3rd and 4th year medical students. These are students early in their medical training who are learning skills of history taking and examination. Medical Students are working in Practice daily and are closely supervised by one of our GP Trainers. Medical students are encouraged to interact with patients for example they may take a history or perform a medical examination. Please let the receptionist know if you are NOT comfortable with this when you book your appointments or let the supervising doctor know at the start of your consultation.

We host FY2 doctors at the practice.

FY2 Doctors are placed with a Practice for 4 months and will have their own surgery when they see patients. They have completed medical school training and a further 12-18 months of postgraduate training while in hospitals. Their time with us is the first introduction to working in general practice. They are supervised by one of our GP Trainers during their experience of working in general practice.