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You can download our Pre-travel checklist Please complete the form FULLY and give it to the receptionist whenyou book your TRAVEL HEALTH appointment. We need this information to determine thevaccinations you may need. It is important to tell us the name of the resort(s)you will be staying in as often there may be different vaccination requirementsfor different areas of a country.

Are you planning to travel abroad this Year?

  • Will you be travelling for a holiday with friends or family?
  • To visit friends or relations abroad?
  • On a Business trip?
  • On a Gap Year?

 If you are travelling outside Western Europe,Scandinavia, North America, Australiaor New Zealandyou will probably require:

  • Travel health advice
  • Vaccinations
  • Malaria prevention advice and prophylaxis

  If you are planning to travel abroad this Year

  • Plan ahead if possible
  • Allow at least 6-8 weeks BEFORE travel to get vaccinated
  • Ask about our Travel Health Service
  • Book an appointment with our practice nurses

  Its Never too Late to be vaccinated 

Travel vaccinations which are NOT available on the NHS are:  Rabies; Japanese Encephalitis; Meningitis ACWY; Tick Borne Encephalitis; Hepatitis B (single agent); Yellow Fever.
You may be directed to a specialist travel clinic for the vaccinations above.

We keep Hepatitis B vaccination in stock. Our current charges are:

Hepatitis B for the course of 3 – normal scheduleHepatitis B booster  (dose 4) following rapid course£60-00£25-00

We do not keep Rabies; Japanese Encephalitis; Meningitis ACWY; Tick Borne Encephalitis in stock. The cost of these this will be charged to the patient directly who will be required to pay for the cost of vaccine + administration fee of £40.00per course of vaccinations in advance prior to the vaccine being ordered.