Help us to help you during the Ambulance service staff from GMB and Unison trade unions industrial action on Wednesday, 11 January 2023.

  • Services across the Fylde Coast are currently under a lot of pressure, with staff working incredibly hard to meet demand.
  • Ambulance service staff from GMB and Unison trade unions will take industrial action on Wednesday, 11 January 2023.
  • This means reduced ambulance crews but also reduced 999 and 111 call handling staff.
  • We need the help of patients and the public to ensure our services are available for those who need them most.
  • Please look at alternative options available for accessing NHS services if your condition is not urgent. Pharmacy teams can give advice on managing everyday illnesses, or you can find self-care advice online at
  • Advice is also available from NHS 111 online at The online service can provide the same advice and help as the phone service. You will be directed to the best service for your needs if you’re not sure what to do and a clinician call will call you back if needed.
  • If your symptoms get worse or do not improve within 72-hours, then get in touch with the GP practice.
  • We are still here for you if you are worried about symptoms that won’t go away.
  • You can also ‘help us help you’ by ensuring you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, including having your booster and flu vaccination, if eligible.
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RespiratoryResp video assetResp video asset
People with COPD or asthma, should ensure to take any medication regularly.   Dr Aashish Vyas, a Respiratory Consultant and Head of Severe Asthma Services in the North West, shares some top tips and advice for managing respiratory conditions this winter
Medicine cabinetMedicine cabinet shopping listNHS England — North West » Keeping well in winterAll NHS services are experiencing high levels of demand.   A properly stocked medicine cabinet can help treat many common illnesses and ailments over the cold winter months.   There’s also some helpful self-care advice for common illnesses available at
Self-care adult – back painSelf-care back pain videoBack pain URLAll NHS services are experiencing high levels of demand.   Lower back pain can be quite common and in most cases isn’t anything serious – but there are things you can do to treat it at home, with the help of your local pharmacy.
You can find more information at Back pain – NHS (
Self-care children – symptom checkerAlder Hey symptom checkerAlder Hey symptom checker  When a child is unwell, it can be scary for parents and carers.
Parents can use Alder Hey Hospital’s online Symptom Checker tool to find information on several of the most common symptoms in children
Dental     If you need urgent dental advice, you can call your local dental helpline:   Lancashire and South Cumbria: 0300 1243 010
111 onlineSteve testimonial  “I’m really glad I used 111 online. It helped me feel better about something that could really have played on my mind.” 
If you have health worries and need advice, think 111 online.
Try it today▶️
111 onlineStatic image – 111 online111.nhs.ukAmbulance staff will take industrial action on Weds 11 January 2023.   This means reduced ambulance crews, 999 & 111 call handling staff.   If you need urgent care use the symptom checker at NHS 111 online, which will direct you to the most appropriate support  
Mental healthUrgent mental health team video If you have an urgent mental health concern, please use the mental health crisis lines available in your area to get access to expert advice NHS England — North West » Urgent helplines